My name is Blake Reynolds, and for the next few weeks I will be travelling to Malawi as part of the Canadian Co-operative Association's Management Coaching Program!

Thanks for stopping by as I prepare for, travel to, experience and finally bid farewell to the 'Warm Heart of Africa'!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

ZICOMO Malawi!

This afternoon our three Malawi groups convened at MUSCCO for some recollection and discussion.  It is interesting to hear the similarities and differences in regards to not just the SACCOs, but also the members in the North, South and Central regions of Malawi.  At the MUSCCO offices we met with the wonderful staff there one last time.  We were treated out to a farewell supper at a nice restaurant and were thanked for our contributions to MUSCCO and the SACCO movement.  It feels like we really made a difference, and I believe we may have done just that.  There were lots of cameras around as everyone tried to capture this final evening as our "rookie" Malawi Group.
It’s funny how certain experiences can form such a bond between people.  We are only a group of six in Malawi and I am proud to have been selected to for the program.  I have made so many new friends I can hardly keep track, but that does not mean I will forget a thing,  I will truly miss the wonderful MUSCCO staff here and will certainly keep in touch.

Swanzie & Laurie

Scott, Swanzie, Me & Lillian


Karen, Yasmine & Larry
Tomorrow we will get on a plane for a short ride to Johannesburg, and then what I am anticipating will be a gruelling 12 hour flight to London.  There we will join the Ghana and Uganda teams for a bit of a debrief.  I am looking forward to seeing those friends again and hearing all of their exciting stories.    I am sure their journey has changed them as much as it has me.  I can honestly say there are some things I will not see the same way again.  Our three groups have participated in something that not everyone can say they have done, but more Credit Union professionals should really consider being a part of.
As we prepare to travel to the airport, more than ever I miss my wife and three awesome boys.  In the past month the Moncton area has received over 150 cm of snow, and even though it may be a stark contrast to the "+30 at pool side" here I don’t think I have ever had this much anticipation about coming home.  Now that I am on my way, Monday can’t come soon enough!
See you in London.
Zicomo Malawi,
for all the wonderful memories!

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